The podcast

Our mission

Build a community of Real Food Mamas that will help families and future generations live healthy and happy lives.

What is this podcast about?

The Real Food Mamas Podcast is about two crunchy moms chatting about health, nutrition and just what real life is as a mom.

The Real Food Mamas are both passionate about natural pregnancy, undisturbed birth and healthy living for the whole family. They don’t pretend to be experts but they’re just two real new moms wanting to bring other moms together by discussing everything related to being a mom, from optimizing fertility, making pregnancy and birth empowering experiences, and keeping the whole family healthy while not forgetting about their own self-care.

Listen to Steph & Elana share stories, discuss their views and interview experts about topics ranging from baby led weaning, elimination communication, sleep, home birth, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding struggles, babywearing, parenting styles, diastesis recti, pelvic floor health, their favorite products and of course their passion for real food.

All done very respectfully in a judgment-free zone because we’re all learning together. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The podcast

  1. So I just finished listening to all first 3 episodes while driving back home from Ottawa. I didn’t see the time go by…! I love your testimonies and stories about homebirth.
    Unfortunately, for some reasons, some may not have access to a midwife in their region or may not have other safe options, for medical reasons, than go to the hospital. I was one of these women. I had heard tons of horror stories about birthing in an hospital, about the lack of freedom women are not supposed to have if they are assisted by a doctor, how many unnecessary interventions I would have… Around that same time, Aglaée got pregnant and was thinking about a homebirth. Honestly, I was afraid and started having doubts about going to the hospital.
    Finally, I had an amazing birthing experience with all the freedom I wanted to have. I had interventions, but always with my consent.
    Not saying that it is the best option, but if one day you would like a positive testimony that could reassure women who has no other real option other than the hospital, it would be a pleasure to share. Aglaée, even if she was far away, was a very positive support for me during the whole process, from the second I got pregnant to the night I had my amazing little boy. Thanks for being open-minded, calm and supportive, whatever my choices were.
    Hopefully you will continue to help other like me who had the chance to count on you.

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