About Stephanie

Stephanie is a REAL food / Paleo registered dietitian, certified personal trainer, and holistic educator with a passion for women’s health.

image1-1She was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea in March 2012. Multiple doctors told her that she wouldn’t be able to regain a normal cycle without the help of hormone replacement therapy. She knew her body was designed to heal, so she decided to take her health into her own hands. After creating her own healing protocol, she regained her cycle naturally. After just one menstrual cycle, she became pregnant with her first baby, Otto, and had a beautiful water birth at her home.

Stephanie also defines herself as a crunchy mom with an interest in natural births and lifestyle.

Downloads4Stephanie loves helping women rock their hormones by using food as medicine along with a therapeutic lifestyle management program. Her other passions include intuitive eating and positive psychology.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Mississippi State University, respectively. Stephanie has spent years studying functional medicine to better help her clients. She has worked with multiple naturopathic doctors and integrative medicine doctors, such as Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Lauren Noel.

Stephanie sees clients all over the world through phone/Skype consults with her private practice, Rock Your Hormones. She’s the cocreator of Whole30’s Healthy Mama, Happy Baby program, and is a FitForBirth prenatal/postnatal diet and fitness specialist.

You can follow her at: RockYourHormones.com


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