#079 ~ Pediatric Dental Health with Dr. Steven Lin

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In this episode, Stephanie interviews a special guest, Dr. Steven Lin. Dr. Steven Lin is a board-registered dentist, writer, and speaker.

We invited Dr. Steven Lin on today’s show to shed light on pregnant and pediatric dental health. He is a passionate whole-health advocate who focuses on the link between nutrition and dental health. His mission is to prevent dental diseases instead of treating them.

Curious about fluoride? Wondering how often it’s really necessary to brush your kid’s teeth or when they should first see a dentist? Interested in the link between dental health and nutrition (spoiler alert: you can influence your child’s dental health before they’re even born!)? Then, this episode is for you! We cover those topics and a LOT more on this episode!

Dr. Lin’s Bio


Dr. Steven Lin is a dentist, TEDx speaker, and author of The Dental Diet. With a background in biomedical science, Dr. Lin has dedicated his career to outlining the nutritional basis of dental disease. His goal is to redefine crooked teeth as a nutritional deficiency and the most significant chronic health problem on the planet. As a leader in the functional dentistry field, his work is building a new model to help intervene in dental growth in kids and prevent orthodontic braces.

The Dental Diet is available worldwide on Amazon.

You learn more about functional dentistry and dental nutrition on his website www.drstevenlin.com


Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Steven Lin’s background and what led him towards a more functional approach to dental health
  • Things moms can do while pregnant to improve their dental health and their developing baby’s dental health
  • How often kids should brush/floss
  • The first dental appointment
  • Tongue/lip ties and dental development
  • Dr. Lin’s stance on fluoride and oral probiotics
  • Considerations for dental procedures while pregnant
  • How to avoid braces
  • And more!

Enjoy the listen!

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Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

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