#060 ~ Strong Women [with Steph Gaudreau]

In this episode, Aglaée interviews Steph Gaudreau to talk about what it means to be strong women. This episode is for all moms, moms-to-be, moms that can’t be, and moms who have lost just as much as it is also for sisters, daughters, friends and anyone who identifies as women. Here are some of the many interesting topics this discussion leads us to:

  • What does it mean to be strong? (hint: it’s not only about physical strength!)
  • Social media, body image, and body shaming
  • The most fearless things Steph did in her life
  • The one area women should work on first to improve their strength and resilience
  • The Women’s Strength Summit (grab your free tickets here!)

Enjoy the listen!

Click here to listen or find the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher!

Steph’s bio

Steph Gaudreau is a certified holistic nutrition practitioner, weightlifting and mindset coach, and the author of the best-selling Performance Paleo Cookbook. She’s also the creator of the Women’s Strength Summit. Her recipes and expert advice have been featured in SELF, Outside Magazine, Elle, and Greatist. Steph loves barbells, cats, and anything Lord of the Rings. She lives in San Diego, CA.

Steph Gaudreau


Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

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