#043 ~ Nourishing & Nurturing Your Marriage


Join Aglaée as she interviews Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby about a very important topic that is not directly related to nutrition but that can make a tremendous impact on your health and that of the whole family: your marriage (or any other kinds of relationships)!

In this episode, you’ll learn about how becoming parents can affect your marriage (although you might already have noticed it yourself!), the common pitfalls to avoid, strategies to better nourish and nurture your marriage and when to know you need professional help.

Enjoy the listen! 🙂


Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby’s bio:

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a board certified life coach, and the founder and clinical director of Growing Self Counseling and coaching in Denver, Colorado. Though her practice is based in Denver she works with clients all over the US and internationally through online video. She’s also the host of the Love, Happiness and Success podcast, and award-winning author of “Exaholics: Breaking your addiction to an Ex Love.

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby


[0:00] Intro

[2:15] Aglaée’s updates

[5:38] Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby’s bio

[8:30] Welcome!

[9:00] How becoming parents affect marital relationships

[11:52] Common pitfalls new parents face

[16:58] Strategies for couples to be on the same page

[22:50] The balance between flexibility and structure

[28:20] A new approach to conflicts

[33:18] Signs it’s time to get professional help

[41:04] Outro

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Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

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