#034 ~ Picky Eaters with Danielle Binns, Part 2


Join us as we talk about picky eaters! In this two part episode, Stephanie interviews Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert and Certified Nutrition Practitioner Danielle Binns.

On this episode, Danielle discusses picky eaters that are on the bottom of growth charts. You’ll also learn how to work with your pediatrician; problems with the traditional recommendations for gaining weight; reasons why a child may be underweight; protein requirements for kids and ways to ensure intake; why kids throw food on the floor and play with their food; how sign language can help picky eaters and so much more! You’ll walk alway from this episode equipped with tons of strategies for making healthy eating more fun and less stressful!

We share lots of personal examples and practical tips. Enjoy the listen!:)

Danielle Binns’ bio:

Danielle Binns (CNP) is a Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert.  More importantly, she’s a mom who gets it.  Motherhood is difficult in its own right.  But when your child doesn’t eat well, mom’s naturally worry.  Danielle’s first daughter was an extremely picky eater and mealtimes were a constant stress.  Today her daughter is thriving and one of the most adventurous kids at the dinner table.

With qualifications in Holistic Nutrition and Children’s Feeding, Danielle knows firsthand how to transform picky eaters into healthy eaters.  Her evidence-based strategies & “Picky Eater Protocol” changed mealtimes forever for many families, including her own.  Danielle also has a special place in her heart for ‘little ones’ who are underweight – like her daughter – and offers programs to help them thrive.  Understanding the stress that comes with raising a picky eater, she is equally committed to helping moms achieve health and happiness.  So they too can start seeing motherhood in a bright and colourful way.

You can readDanielle’s story and learn about her holistic programs for moms and “little ones” atwww.daniellebinns.com.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 5.40.14 PM
Danielle Binns, CNS



[0:00] Intro

[1:55] Danielle Binns’ bio

[3:10] Concerns about picky eaters who are on the bottom of growth charts

[6:00] Other considerations parents need to look at outside of growth charts

[7:15] Strategies for those that are on the bottom of growth charts

[11:10] How to work with your pediatrician 

[12:10] The problem with traditional recommendations for gaining weight

[15:15] Reasons why a child may not be gaining weight

[16:50] How much protein kids need and strategies to ensure adequate consumption

[20:05] The deal with kids throwing food on the floor and playing with their food 

[25:20] How sign language can help picky eaters

[27:55] Danielle’s top tips for making mealtime less stressful and more fun 

[32:45] Action steps you can implement right now!

[35:10] Fun products for kids and picky eaters

[36:10] Outro

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  • www.daniellebinns.com
  • Free “Picky Eating” CheatsheetDanielle has created a special freebie for the Real Food Mama listeners which walks you through the 3 steps to fixing your daily mealtime routine which is one of the most common mistakes parents make with picky eaters.  You can find it here!
  • Danielle’s Picky Eater ProtocolWe also wanted all the moms with picky eaters here to know that Danielle’s 8 week online course called the Picky Eater Protocol – is relaunching in May.  What’s so awesome about this program is that she provides a step-by-step solution to help your child eat better using evidence-based strategies.  The Picky Eater Protocol has changed mealtimes (and lives) for many families with picky eaters. If you’re ready to turn your picky eater into a healthy eater, head over to www.daniellebinns.com/pickyeater to learn more.
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