#18 ~ Diastasis, Core, and Pelvic Floor with Wendy Powell of MuTu System


Join us as we discuss alignment, diastasis recti, core, and pelvic floor health with Wendy Powell of the MuTu System!

Core and pelvic floor health is something that is often not considered during their pregnancy; however, during the postpartum period moms may notice that they still look pregnant (despite eating real food and exercising), experience a little leaking when laughing or working out, or have pain in their back or lower body. It’s really important to address these issues in order to feel your very best!

Wendy breaks down this complex topic and provides practical tips and inspiration. This is a must listen for pregnant women and women in the postpartum. Even if you don’t think you’re dealing with core or pelvic floor issues, you’ll want to tune in to understand how you can reduce or prevent problems in the future. We know you’ll love Wendy’s positive and empowering message!

Wendy’s Bio: 

Wendy is an expert in postpartum and postpregnancy exercise, and after working with thousands of women who suffer from Mummy Tummy (aka pregnancy belly and weak pelvic floor), she realized how misinformed most of them were, specifically when it came to exactly how their abdominal muscles change as a result of pregnancy. Which is why helping women to not only look and feel fabulous, but also to be strong, pain-free, supple and fully functional, continues to be her inspiration and motivation. Medically endorsed MuTu System is a 12-week program with a whole-body approach to alignment that can help help all moms, new and old, rebuild a foundation for a strong core with natural activation, a healthy pelvic floor, and will get them on the road to achieving their pre-baby body.

Wendy Powell talks about diastasis recti, core, and pelvic floor health.
Wendy Powell talks about diastasis recti, core, and pelvic floor health.


[1:09] Stephanie’s Updates

[2:45] Wendy’s Introduction

[4:10] Wendy’s Story + Why she created the MuTu System

[7:30] Why core and pelvic floor problems are so prevalent

[8:55] Why you need to approach healing through a whole body approach vs. focusing on a few core exercises

[9:55] What diastasis recti is

[14:19] Why hernia surgeries may not work

[14:40] What exercises are safe and which are best to avoid

[18:30] How soon after birth can moms safely begin working on their core

[20:05] The differences between what is common and what is normal. The deal with urinary incontinence postpartum.

[22:40] Diastasis recti and future pregnancies

[24:40] What tailbone pressure and pain could be a sign of and a simple step to help it

[29:08 ] Wendy’s top tips for healing the core and pelvic floor

[37:08] Info about the MuTu System

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Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

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