#017 ~ PCOS with Stefani Ruper


Join us in this episode as we learn more about PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), one of the most prevalent hormonal imbalances and top cause of infertility and subfertility in women. This interview with Stefani Ruper from Paleo for Women will help you better understand what PCOS is, how to determine your personal PCOS type, the optimal way to eat with PCOS, how to balance your hormones naturally, if PCOS is reversible and the 3 top strategies to manage your PCOS symptoms and boost your fertility.

Stefani Ruper’s bioStefani Ruper is the author of the best-selling paleo women’s health manifesto Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Lifelong Sex Appeal and Soaring Confidence. She is the voice behind the Paleo for Women blog and The Paleo Women Podcast. Stefani holds degrees from Dartmouth College and Boston University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy at Oxford University in Oxford, England.

Stefani Ruper talks about PCOS


[1:28] Stephanie’s update

[6:10] Aglaée’s update

[9:05] What is PCOS? – Signs, symptoms and diagnosis

[12:53] Risks of PCOS (in both overweight and normal-weight women!)

[16:16] The 4 main types of PCOS

[22:22] Natural ways to balance estrogen levels (high and low)

[26:22] Optimal way to eat with PCOS

[29:16] Menu example for PCOS

[32:00] Tracking calories and macronutrients

[35:41] Pregnancy and PCOS

[38:35] Is PCOS curable or reversible?

[41:22] Stefani’s top 3 strategies for women with PCOS

[44:44] The connection between digestive health and PCOS

[46:09] Details about Stefani’s website, books and programs

[51:30] Outro

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Please remember that the views on this podcast and website are not meant to be substituted for medical advice, shouldn’t be used to diagnose, treat or cure any conditions, and are intended for general information purposes only.

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